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Top Downtown Eateries to Check Out Before Shows and Games Near the Staples Center

Top Downtown Eateries to Check Out Before Shows and Games Near the Staples Center
Hey, Downtown Foodies and Event-Goers! Are you gearing up for a thrilling show at the local theatres or an electrifying game at the Staples Center? Wondering where to grab a bite that's as spectacular as your evening plans? Fret not! We've curated a list of the best downtown dining spots to kick-start your night. And guess what tops our list? The ever-charming Good Clean Fun, our Cali Italian haven for pizza and wine lovers!

1. Good Clean Fun - The Cali Italian Retreat
First on our list is the delightful Good Clean Fun, the quintessential Italian restaurant and wine bar. Here, pizza isn’t just a dish; it’s a culinary experience! From their heavenly thin-crust pepperoni to the classic Margherita, every pizza pairs perfectly with their handpicked wines. The vibe? Casual, yet undeniably chic. It's the ideal spot for a pre-show or pre-game toast!

2. Pine & Crane - A Taste of Taiwan
Next, we have Pine & Crane, a Taiwanese gem in the heart of downtown. Known for their authentic flavors and fresh ingredients, this spot is a must-visit for lovers of Asian cuisine. Their spicy shrimp wontons and dan dan noodles are local legends. And with its cozy ambiance, it’s a great place to relax before heading to your event.

3. Prank - The Playful Bar and Kitchen
Craving a more playful dining experience? Prank is your answer. This innovative bar and kitchen offers a unique twist on classic dishes, perfect for a fun pre-event meal. Their farm-to-table approach guarantees freshness with every bite. Plus, their craft cocktails are a must-try!

4. Native Son - The Urban Gastropub
Rounding off our list is Native Son, a modern gastropub with a flair for artisanal eats. Think gourmet burgers, artisanal beers, and an atmosphere that’s both laid-back and sophisticated. It’s the ideal spot for those who appreciate the finer things in life but still want a chill vibe before their main event.

Downtown’s culinary scene is as vibrant and varied as the events at the Staples Center. From the authentic Italian flavors at Good Clean Fun, to the Taiwanese delicacies at Pine & Crane, the playful bites at Prank, and the artisanal experience at Native Son, you’re spoiled for choice. Make your pre-event meal a memorable part of your evening out!

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