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Discover NEW Vintage Wonders at Good Clean Fun in Downtown LA!

Discover NEW Vintage Wonders at Good Clean Fun in Downtown LA!
Hello, wine enthusiasts! 🍷 If you're eager to explore a treasure trove of historical vintages without leaving the city, we’ve got some exhilarating news from Good Clean Fun, nestled in the vibrant heart of Downtown Los Angeles. We're excited to announce an exceptional lineup of vintage wines, now available for both dine-in and takeaway. Whether you're a seasoned collector or a curious novice, these wines promise a journey through time with every sip. Let's uncover the stories behind each bottle:

Our newly introduced vintage wines are more than just drinks; they're time capsules. Here’s what you can look forward to experiencing:

1978 Concannon Vineyard Petite Sirah: Embrace the richness of California with this robust Petite Sirah. Known for its bold flavors and a structure that’s built to last, this wine is a testament to the enduring beauty of well-aged vintages.

1965 Franco Fiorina Barolo: Step into the world of Italian finesse with this storied Barolo. Aged to perfection, it offers a complex bouquet of aromas and a palatial texture that echoes the elegance of the Piedmont region.

1976 Chateau Lanessan Haut-Médoc: Dive deep into the heart of Bordeaux with this exquisite blend. Celebrated for its balance and depth, the Chateau Lanessan is a perfect example of how grace can evolve in a bottle over the decades.

1976 Chateau St Jean Late Harvest Zinfandel: For those with a sweet tooth, this Californian marvel brings a symphony of sweet, rich flavors that linger delightfully on the palate, making it an ideal companion for both savory dishes and desserts.

1980 Montevina Shenandoah Valley Zinfandel: Discover the lush profiles of the Sierra Foothills with this Zinfandel. Its full body and vibrant fruit notes provide a vivid portrayal of California’s winemaking prowess during the era.

1976 A. Piësch Söhne, Bernkastel Kardinalsberg, Auslese Riesling: Travel to Germany with each glass of this exquisitely sweet Riesling. Its intricate dance of fruity and honeyed notes showcases the sublime craftsmanship of Mosel winemakers.

At Good Clean Fun, we are thrilled to share these historical gems with you. Whether you're in the mood to lounge at our wine bar or enjoy a bottle in the comfort of your home, these wines are ready to make your evening special. Each vintage offers a unique story and a taste experience that stands out in the vast world of wines.
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