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The Wonder of Orange Wine

When people think about wine, red, white, and rosé usually come to mind. But there is a lesser-known wine that is making a comeback and taking center stage in the wine world: orange wine. This unique and curious wine is not made with oranges, nor is it a blend of orange and wine. Orange wine is, in fact, a white wine made with the skins of white grapes. But what makes it so special that it’s quickly becoming the next big thing in the world of wine?

Orange wine has been around for centuries, but it’s recently been making a name for itself among sommeliers and wine enthusiasts alike. To make orange wine, winemakers use white grapes and leave the skins in contact with the juice for an extended period of time, sometimes up to several months. This extended skin contact gives the wine its distinctive orange tint and also adds depth and complexity to the flavor profile.

One of the biggest draws of orange wine is its versatility. It can be made in a range of styles, from light and crisp to rich and full-bodied, depending on the winemaker’s preferences. Orange wine can also pair well with a wide variety of foods, making it a great option for those who love experimenting with wine and food pairings.

While orange wine may be a new trend in the Western world, it has a long history in the Caucasus region of Eastern Europe, where it’s been produced for over 8,000 years. In fact, some of the most famous orange wines come from Georgia, where they’re made using traditional, centuries-old methods. The production process involves burying the wine underground in clay pots called qvevris and allowing it to ferment naturally using wild yeast.

Despite its increasing popularity, orange wine remains a bit of an enigma for many people. Some are put off by its unusual color, while others aren’t sure how to approach a wine that’s so different from what they’re used to. But don’t let the color fool you – orange wine is a delicious and complex drink that’s worth exploring.

If you’re a wine lover who’s looking to try something new and exciting, orange wine is definitely worth a try. With its bold flavors, versatility, and unique production methods, it’s no wonder that it’s quickly gaining popularity among wine enthusiasts around the world. And who knows – you might just discover your new favorite wine in the process. Cheers to trying something new!
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