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Good Clean Fun: Now Serving Lunch!

Good Clean Fun: Now Serving Lunch!

Wave goodbye to sad desk salads and hello to lunchtime bliss! Good Clean Fun, your soon-to-be favorite natural wine bar and Italian eatery, is now serving lunch. Think pinsa-style pizzas, Roman-inspired focaccia sandwiches that could make Julius Caesar weep, and a wine list that dances on the tongue. Ready for the best lunch spot downtown LA? Buckle up!

Lunch in Downtown LA has been like a rom-com without the romance or the comedy—predictable. Enter Good Clean Fun, flipping the script with a menu that’s as delightful as finding an extra fry at the bottom of the bag. Our secret? A lineup starring the best focaccia sandwiches this side of the Colosseum and pinsa-style pizzas that’ll make you question your loyalty to the deep-dish.

Our pinsa pizzas are the Audrey Hepburn of the pizza world: elegant, charming, and surprisingly light on their feet. Topped with the likes of spicy pepperoni, lush prosciutto, and burrata that’s as smooth as a Sinatra tune, it’s no wonder we’re in the running for the best pizza for lunch in LA.

We’re here to start a bread revolution with focaccia that hugs our fillings like a loving nonna. Whether it’s the zest of our pesto and prosciutto or the heat from our spicy pepperoni cut by the coolness of burrata, these aren’t just sandwiches; they’re a culinary hug, making us the go-to spot for the best lunch in LA.

It’s wine o’clock somewhere, and that somewhere is here. Dive into our natural wine selection like it’s the adult version of a ball pit. Not sure where to start? Our staff knows our wine list like they know their exes: intimately, but without the drama. It’s the perfect sip alongside your lunch.

Lunch is served every Tuesday-Saturday from 11:30 AM until 2 PM.

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